Slaves To The Nothing

by Beekeeper

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released July 1, 2017


all rights reserved



Beekeeper San Diego, California

A raw and true thrash metal band filled with vigorous diggas and legendary meedleys that will rip your face off.


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Track Name: Vargas

Vargas your soul is mine. It’s gonna stay with me til the end of time.

Worthless your whole estate, but I tear it from your hands before it’s not too late.

Left to die in no mans land I’ll pull you from the wreckage.

A life saved to be taken again and now your neck has breakage.

Come to terms with your life being done, I’ve got you in my crosshairs.

Your scream gives me life and gets my blood pumping.

Mercy? Beekeeper doesn’t know, we’ll go full blast til the final blow.

And now the time has come for you to DIE!

I laugh at your plight I enjoy your pain

I feel no remorse as I make my claim

I stare into your eyes as I tighten my grasp, your life is a casualty of my wrath.

Last chance slips away the final image fades away.

Tears hit the ground no one around, doesn’t make a sound.

The collision sealed your fate, the toxins spreading at a deadly rate.

We’re in side you now, shutting you down, YOW!

We aim for the throat and we aim to kill we eradicate your being cause you make us ill

Spilling your blood, as it runeth from the altar.

Mercy Beekeeper doesn’t know we’ll go full blast til the final blow

And now the time has come for you to DIE!


Vargas! I want justice! Justice, I rip from your flesh.

Vargas! Your soul belongs to me. Burn in hell for all eternity.
Track Name: Fictitious

I am the servant to the one who omits dreams

Darkness spreads throughout your mind, imagination unseen

Those who abandon hope are easy to control

Slaves to the nothing that leeches on your soul!

Structures in your mind gives way to loose foundation

And the lines begin to blur


In the land void of thought, is existence a choice?

Questions no answers, makes me ask.

Are we fictitious?


Are we fictitious?

Are we for real!?
Track Name: Subservient Submission
Subservient Submission

Relinquish of your torrid desires
Your body the instrument for your own encapsulation
Off to heaven on this winged ship of pain
I need subservient submission

Are you afraid to lick the blade?
It's just a bit of blood from where you were splayed
Cum and taste the flesh
How does it feel to be crushed by the weight of your ecstasy?
And to gag upon your desires?

I love to see you writhe in pleasure and pain
To toe the line between an experience and a dream
Dominated to the fullest extent
And bent to my every whim

Track Name: Vegeta

I am everything I need to be to excel myself to greatness

Perfection doesn’t condemn me to a life of disappointment

Destiny is a choice made through self sacrifice

Instant gratification traded for isolation and suffering

My will is my fate and I stand alone to face the consequence

On this path I have discovered I am…

All alone in this world

No external source of comfort

Compassion from others will not mend the wounds inside me

I must manifest the strength from within to keep me on my feet

I devout my life to this art

I can see the end is NEAR!

Only through blood and flesh can we claim our just reward

Triggers, only a crutch siphoning humanity from my voice

My strength comes from pain

Vulnerability makes me human

I risk my fragile soul for a chance at true creation

Beauty through imperfection

I’m as real as my thoughts

Must struggle though the end

I claim this life of thrash

Track Name: Kamel Krusher

You’ll see me coming when you see the smoke.

Charred remains of my victims!

Oppressive fits of hypocrisy, Id rather have poison gas! GAS!

Fuck you guys, I don’t give a fucking shit!

I’ll suck it all down and I’ll spit it on your grave.

The Kamel Krusher’s here and he’s taking no prisoners.

So don’t you try and run.

Don’t tell me that crushes suck,

They’re the cig versions of CANDY!
Track Name: Satan

Unworldly being demonized by monotheism

A force so strong within it runs my will to go on

A life decided for the rite of immortality

No fear in my beliefs for Satan walks with me.

No need to pray or repent, your words are meaningless.

Stop waiting for a response from beyond

Take what you have, take the life you have chosen

and simply realize there is no god.

Don’t be afraid of the powers within,

to deny great potential is truly the sin.

Satan is just the acceptance of life

Believe in yourself leave your worries behind!

Cherish all life, the feeling of pleasure,

relish in pain, SATAN BE FREE

Satan is real, it lives within me, rejoice all that is, SATAN BE FREE
Track Name: Picket Fence Death Night
Picket Fence Death Night

Arriving in this perfect place produced within a dream

Happiness and pleasant thoughts drove my mind insane

Something queer lingered while wandering through this place

As night grew near I noticed a friend crouching behind a wall

We ventured off into the streets where we would not turn back.

A feeling of reality, and constant conversation, lead to morbid acts of destructive fixation.

Then we decided to take what we wanted, I lived this perfect dream as we quickly plotted.

Hiding under the shadows of night through silent streets

Stalking our victim not close behind.

We hold in our excitement breathing calm through our smiles

Religiously planning the subjects demise as we follow him to where he resides.

Watching his last moments before we strike.

Slowly moving in creeping up from behind.

Dylans hands cover his mouth

No one can hear you now SAY GOODBYE.

Laughing instinctively over his cries, tearing his face off with merciless sighs

Nothing can ruin this taking of life!
Track Name: Instant Death
Instant Death

Don’t let your brain become infected

By letting someone else determine the way you think

A doctrine of faith can act more like a prison of the mind

Teaching food for thought in short supply!

So many who chastise the individual

Creates a culture that thinks as one, feels as one

I see hoards of lost souls with no identity,

Because they submitted to a predetermined dogma.

Step beyond the walls we have made for ourselves

that stifle our ability to produce thought! (Thought thought thought thought)


Allow yourself, to be the compass, while searching for the truth.

Look to yourself as you navigate through


Keep a distance between yourself and the black goop of normalcy

Don’t touch the dark muck of assimilation.

It’s impossible to get off your hands.

And once it’s inside

It’s instant death!
Track Name: Trials Of The Shredder

Fingers piss blood from the pressure of steel

Now my hands crumble to ash

This power’s too great for my mortal soul

The axe needs the vigor I lack

Satan has granted me powers to shred but I fail at every attempt

It’s a catalyst to my insanity I’m a slave to my humanity!

Fingers pierce steel from the pressure of Satan

Now your world crumbles to ash

My powers too great for your mortal soul


Never before have I felt the metal course within my veins

I’m a catalyst to your insanity you’re a slave to my humanity

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